The Launch Course

Dear friend,

Welcome to The Launch Course.  This program is for you if you have a desire to reach more people and have more impact with the work that you do.  Maybe you have an idea for a program or you've already put one together, and you're wondering how to actually do the "marketing and sales" part.  This course will offer you a step by step process for launching your work into the world.

If you're a heart centered creator, dealing with the challenges of working online can be an overwhelming experience.  And, once you have something together, how do you actually get it out into the world in a way that feels aligned with who you are?

We started Sutra five years ago.  Since then we've helped hundreds of heart centered educators create learning experience that truly touch people's lives.  Last year, we launched our own program called Transformational Teaching Online.  In the last twelve months, our course has generated over $50,000 in sales without any advertising.  

The Launch Course distills everything we've learned about launching a program and growing your audience in a relational way.  It's a five hour interactive workshop where we guide you through every aspect of your own launch process.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand your audience at a deep and embodied level
  • Develop powerful language for your marketing communications and program landing page
  • Set clear goals and develop a step by step action plan and schedule to meet them
  • Learn how to grow your reach in a relational way
  • Get an understanding of technology platforms you can use to streamline your launch

Join us live on Sunday, June 6th from 11am to 4pm EST. 

Most people don't realize that there is a specific planning process that goes into a successful launch. The language you use, the outreach you do, and the emails that get sent are part of a plan that gets created up to two or three months in advance.  When you do this properly, you have a clear road map of what's ahead.  You're able to apply more intelligence, reach more people, and ultimately, make more money.

The Launch Course distills everything we've learned about marketing and sales over the years.  You'll get step by step guidance on planning, writing emails, and growing your reach.  You'll take inventory of everything at your disposal and create a detailed action plan for the months and weeks leading up to your program launch.

We share what we've learned from years of trial and error so that you can do what you do best - operate from the heart.

The biggest value of this course is the clarity it will give you and the time it will save you.  Rather than sit on the struggle bus for weeks getting stressed out as your launch date approaches, we'll get the hard stuff done in one afternoon.  You'll get step by step guidance, we'll have time for Q and A, and you'll join our community space for ongoing peer to peer support.

Most likely you are reading this because you believe that you have something powerful and much needed to offer the world.  Our commitment is to help you reach people and have impact doing what you love to do.  If you're not satisfied with the value that this course offers, we will happily refund your money.


One of the most important parts of your launch process is knowing exactly who your audience is.  Ultimately, building a sustainable business is about offering value to people around the things that are important to them.  Whether you're offering a course or building a community, being clear on who you're serving allows you to channel your resources and focus your effort. This bonus recorded workshop will introduce you to our heart centered approach to understanding who you're inspired to serve.

You'll also get clear on your ideal customer persona with our heart centered, interactive worksheet process.  This worksheet will walk you through a series of questions that will help you connect with the people you're inspired to serve in an authentic and relational way.


Along with this training, you'll receive our interactive "Time of Your Life" course for free.  This short reflective writing and drawing journey offers a unique approach to self awareness.  Get unconventional insight into how you prioritize your time and make space for what's truly meaningful to you.

We've been guiding and facilitating small group experiences since 2011.  We started with hosting meetups in our living room in New York City.  Lots of them.  Over the years, we realized that group process is our thing.  Today, we're the co-founders of Sutra, a platform that is home to thousands of people participating in group learning experiences. And our Transformational Teaching Online program has helped hundreds of people discover what's possible with relational spaces online.

Our work with Sutra has supported the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, leadership programs at UNICEF and the Presencing Institute, as well as many other organizations and individuals in creating online learning experiences that foster deep connection and communication.

Our background integrates a masters study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Theory U work from MIT professor Otto Scharmer and Immunity To Change methodologies from Harvard professors Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey as well as relational practices inspired by Thomas Hubl.   

If you really knew us you would know... that we're both certified yoga teachers and we love meditating with our dog Dakota :-)

What if I don't have a program launch coming up?
The principles in this course will apply to your work whenever you're ready to launch.  A good launch starts several months in advance.  Understanding the principles in this course will equip you to better launch your program when you're ready.

What if I'm not "techy"?
This course is designed to give you a step by step process for everything you need to do to launch your offering online. If you struggle with technology, this program will offer you a simple and relational approach to reaching more people with your work.

How long will I have access to the content?
You will have lifetime access to the content and the community sharing space on Sutra.

What if I'm not happy with the course?
If you're not 100% satisfied with what the course offers, just reach out to us and we'll happily give you a full refund.  If you're not satisfied, we want to know so that we can learn how to better serve your needs.

How much time will this require?
This program is designed to help you save time.  You'll come up with a clear plan and a communication strategy in our 5 hour workshop.  After that you can take your time to continue setting up your launch based on what we cover.

What if I need extra support?
We're committed to your success.  When you join The Launch Course, you'll have life time access to a community space where we continue to share progress, ask questions and support each other on this journey.

What have others said about this course?
This is the first time we're running The Launch Course. This means that the program is priced lower than it will be in the future and that we're super committed to making sure that every participant has an incredible experience. If you want to hear what people have said about our other programs, checkout the video testimonials at the bottom of our Transformational Teaching Online course page:

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to 
We look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Remember to register before May 27th to join our special bonus session.  Much love!